Saturdays with Stephan: The Story of a Hug

This week, Diana Impeartrice shares her story about how a well-timed lack of verbal filter resulted in one absolutely memorable hug with Stephan Jenkins. It’s a funny, touching story that can only be told in Diana’s own words. - Nicole Drum

Tick tock where does the time go? Nowhere;

 Dopamine CD $9.99- Available at

Dopamine CD $9.99- Available at

I was impatiently awaiting the release of Dopamine on June 16, 2015, because I already had my VIP tickets for July 17, 2015 in Paso Robles. I needed to be ready to sing along. Finally Dopamine comes out and I’m old school and buy CD’s (I know; snap out of it). Well as if I haven’t waited long enough I have to wait a little longer because it’s a City Council night. Finally make it to Target before closing and get my CD.

Now a CD of Third Eye Blind does not just get ripped open and tossed in the player. It’s planned out, each second is savored like a sip of fine wine, waiting for that grand moment.

I take the CD to work the next morning and unwrap and to my surprise when I open it is an awesome picture of the boys – that’s going right here on my desk. Pop open the disc on my computer and go to put the CD in and to my dismay it falls out and goes behind my very heavy stationary desk. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH, no this cannot be happening.

Tick tock where does the time go? Nowhere again;

I wait impatiently for my work day to end and back to Target I go, yes I am buying another and I’m doing it today. The ritual is gone, the savoring of the moment; thrown out, this is rip open and get that disc in the player ASAP in the parking lot of Target.

Awe – here comes the sweet sounds of Everything is Easy, OMG it’s AMAZING! Next comes Shipboard Cook; oh wow I can’t take it, is that a tear rolling down my face? Yes, it sure is. I pull into my driveway and immediately call my best friend Amy Joy (we became friends because of 3EB but another story for another day) that I’m attending the concert with and ask – OMG have you heard it yet? Sadly her two year old daughter hasn’t allowed her to listen yet. I understand; I’ve been there. I quickly tell her this is going to be the best concert and I can’t wait and I’m so glad we have VIP and OMG everything is so beautiful right now because I have a new Third Eye Blind CD and concert tickets.

Fast forward to July 17th –

oh it’s finally here the day I see my band; it’s been awhile. We drive up from Ventura and go straight to the venue to get our VIP tickets and unfortunately something is wrong and they can’t find them. What? It includes first crack at merchandise and from where I’m standing at this chain link fence I can see the Dopamine hoodie that will soon be mine so find those tickets, PLEASE. Unfortunately it’s around 5:00 p.m. and mistakenly I had not eaten all day and that sugar drop was bringing me down. No food, no tickets, OMG it’s all going bad; I’m seeing red.

 Dopamine Hoodie (xs-s still available)

Dopamine Hoodie (xs-s still available)

Finally a very nice gentleman allowed us in the venue to at least buy our merchandise. Okay hoodie secured I can relax a little. Nope, can’t relax I’m still freaking the fuck out. The world is spinning out of control for the worst. Where are our VIP tickets; what if they don’t find them and we were supposed to get sound check and that had to be changed and everything is completely fucked. Yes, I can be a drama queen.

Finally our tickets are found and we can go eat, change and come back to rock out. Okay, I’m down in the pit and it this is awesome – they sound fucking amazing. So alive! The first chords of Something in You start to play – I look at my friend and scream to hurry out of the pit we need to be able to move and dance our asses off. Let’s roll.

Concert ends; we’re flying high and trying to find out what do we do now for our Meet & Greet and our intimate acoustic set with Stephan. Told to just wait over here. So we wait and we’re talking to some girls that have circles because they are invited to the after party. What? For free? You didn’t pay to meet them? Whatever, okay I’ll get over it eventually and just wait. And we wait and wait. Finally some guy comes up and sees our VIP passes and hurries us through the crowd and in a room where Stephan is already playing his intimate set. He had forgotten us.  Stephan plays maybe two songs and it’s over. Okay well now it’s time to meet and take a picture. I’ve only met him once and it was on his birthday in 2008 in Novato. I’m so excited. Things aren’t what I expected but it’s all good I’m going to get a picture with SJ and get to hug him. Then it happens. The hammer falls. Colin tells us we need to hurry up and double up on pictures. I say no way because the only other time I met him I had to do that and I have random people in my precious pictures. It’s still okay because I’m just not going to do that.

Then right before us the hammer falls again – Colin announces NO MORE HUGS?

What in the living fuck did he just say? Did I hear him right? Sometimes I don’t think before I speak and before I knew it the words had already loudly flown out of my mouth “I paid 200 dollars for a hug”. I see Stephan’s head flip around to see who this crazy person is that just yelled that. Oh shit; this might not go so good. Stephan probably doesn’t even remember what happen next but it was our turn and after my friend hugged him (despite Colin’s announcement) I was up. Stephan gave me the best hug EVER! It was tight, it was comforting, and it was worth the fucking $200 dollars and everything that had gone wrong.

I was at peace now. My soul was soaring. It was the 2nd best hug of my life (surprising my mom at Christmas will always be number 1). As you can see in the picture this hug is actually priceless. I love that he knew I needed that hug. I cry as I write this remembering the emotion of that day.

Thank you Stephan for the 2nd best hug of my life!

Thank you Stephan for the 2nd best hug of my life!

Editor's Note: Diana is also the writer of 3EB Politics for 3EB Lifestyle.