3eb Girl and a Pair of Roller Blades

When you believe that we are fixed now from our birth, and I've just fallen back to earth, still you know I'll try again- cause I believe that we are lucky - we are golden we're stolen manners In the days when we were one.

I remember the first time I heard "Semi-Charmed Life" and you may be surprised to hear I didn't like it. I liked the "doo doo doo" part, but when the rapping style vocals started I didn't care for it.  Fast forward to a sleep over at my friend's house, we were rollerblading in her basement as we had done many times before. I was looking through her huge CD collection for the perfect skating music when I came across Self Titled. I asked her why she bought that CD because they were gonna be one hit wonders and "Semi-Charmed Life" wasn't that good anyway. She assured me that the whole CD was actually really good and she told me to take it and listen to it. So I did what she said, and I fell absolutely in love! I couldn't put it down! I eventually returned hers and then got a copy of my own. It's all I listened to! "Semi-Charmed Life" even grew on me.


My whole life became about 3EB. I was even known in high school as Third Eye Blind girl, a title I still carry to this day. When I was 16 and got my first car I even had my license plate display 3EBGIRL. I started to take guitar lessons, so I could learn to play like Kevin Cadogan. I went to see them in concert when I was 13 for the first time, and then again when I was 14. I had no idea what was to come! 

When we arrived at the Greensboro Auditorium there was a radio station, 94.5, that had a booth set up. We went to check it out and they were having a drawing for backstage passes, so of course I put my name in not expecting to win. They were going to draw three names to win the passes. The first two names were called and I just knew my chance was gone. Just then I noticed my aunt screaming and jumping up and down and suddenly realized my name was called! I was going to meet the band that I had been obsessed over for the past year!

Courtesy: Sarah Foley

I was in complete shock and just grabbed my mom sobbing! The guys at the radio station were so sweet trying to console me. I went backstage with my mom and the other winners. We sat in a circle waiting for them and I was shaking so badly. I was scared to death about what I would say. First walked in Stephan, and as soon as I saw him I felt like I wasn't really there. Was that really him? He was wearing a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket and dark jeans. The other members trailed in behind him. He came up to me first and held out his name and introduced himself. My mom said, "she has your picture all over her bedroom walls." He said, "Oh, really?" I could have died. Thanks, mom.

Courtesy: Sarah Foley

I also met Kevin and Brad, but the other member who was the kindest person during the whole thing was Arion. He got down on his knees beside me and asked me all kinds of questions. He really cared I was a fan.  I had a short platinum pixie cut, and he told me it reminded him of David Bowie and assured me it was a compliment. After the meet and greet, I went to the show and it was a blast! Our Lady Peace opened along with Eve 6. During the show, I met a guy named Casey who ran a Third Eye Blind fan site that I frequented, and he gave me passes for AFTER the show!! No way! Two meet and greets in one night! I went backstage after the show and got to see Stephan again and sweet Arion came and sat down at the table with me, just having a casual conversation. He's the best! So here I am 20 years later and still in love with the band.