Alex Kopp vs Monday Blues: How can I make sense when I got millions on my mind.

3EB Expert, Kimberly Bender gives us all a little background on our favorite keyboardist Kopp and some fun stories. Kopp, once again we rely on you to beat those Monday Blues! - Diana Knight Impeartice

I get really defensive when an article says Alex Kopp is not an original member of Third Eye Blind.

He’s not a founding member, sure, the kid was seven when “Semi-Charmed Life” was topping the charts.  But Alex Kopp is the first and only soul commander of the keys, and I for one can’t wait to see what he adds to all the self-titled tracks this summer.

 Courtesy K. Bender

Courtesy K. Bender

Kopp truly is living the dream, he played in the Battle of the Bands in high school on the same Canton, Ohio stage Third Eye Blind sold out a decade later. Playing with a band on that stage was a dream of his. And I have a soft spot for the dreamer from Ohio, as I’m one of those as well.

Kopp is almost always the first one I spot on show days. And as strange as this is, even though my pictures with SJ and Brad span decades, but I have more selfies with Kopp than any other member of the band (And he doesn’t laugh at me when I ask for another one when I don’t like my hair or smile).  He’s also the one I have the most random conversations with, and never anything of substance. But never forgettable either.

I’ve been fortunate to be at shows where Kopp is highlighted, the Ohio ones, sure, but also his last birthday in Pittsburgh, PA. Leave it to a group of rock stars and crew to give the 27-year-old his first piñata. And the best part: Stephan was story-telling about “banana toss” (see video below) on the tour bus while massive amounts of candles on the cake burned behind him. Oh, and the candy. SJ tossed us some of the candy before finishing the encore as well.

Yet Kopp was the last guitar pick I added to my 3eb wall, I’m not sure they’re thrown into the crowd as much as the SJs, LeCavs and Kryz’ but he had to be there. Because he did. Even though Third Eye Blind didn’t have a full-time member on keys until Kopp proved himself and earned his shot in 2011, he’s a staple in Third Eye Blind and a sound that should be appreciated as such. Don’t believe me? Just follow him and periscope and take a listen when he goes live. I promise, it’ll make your day.