Right Here Right Now

 Art By Liseli Thiele

Art By Liseli Thiele

Each morning before my feet hit the ground, I thank God that I am alive. There were many years of darkness in my life.  I would dread the mornings, I would dread a new day, I was wounded.  Through the music of Stephan Jenkins, the lyrics on the Third Eye Blind Albums, all of them, not just one in particular, all of them, I healed.  

Last year, I felt the weight of the world lift off of me, and that happened while I was a being told, I was not a spectator at his show.  At that very moment, I experienced a freedom.  The words that Stephan Jenkins crafted to work around his performance, would now live within me.

 Now it wasn't just the music, it was all of that in between.  In December, I read an article where they describe the 3eb show as a church gathering.  I smiled.  For those who know me, know my faith, they know all about my walk, and the pain I experience for many years.  I am grateful today to quote the legend and live by these words.  And I mean really live by them, in the moment, right here and right now.

Happy Wednesday.

Mad. Blind. Love