What is a Buffalo: Nery Diaz

What is a buffalo? To the lay person, it's a bison, or a rare nickel, to a 3eb fan, it's a special bassist, our bassist, Alex LeCavalier. Don't quote me, since I'm working off memory, but the nickname came about because Alex plays the bass with such soul.

I've had the opportunity to see him play with the band for many years now, but I didn't get the chance to meet him until a cool April night in LA last year on the Dopamine tour. Waiting after the show by the tour bus was a first for me. I'm usually quick to want to go back to the safety of home after shows, but this time was different. With my friends' encouragement, we waited behind the Wiltern near the tour bus for some of the band members to appear. After maybe an hour (it's hard to tells since hanging with friends skews the passing of time), we were starting to lose hope. We recognized that many members have strong ties to the LA area and were probably not going to come out.

"Alex, Alex!!" We shouted at the familiar wild mane of hair. He waved and walked over to us. After a few moments of small talk, he spotted the family members that had come out to see him. He asked for some time with them and promised to come back out. Witnessing that small family moment was so sweet for my friends and I. True to his word, he came back out. We talked about small things, like sports (he is a huge fan of ice-hockey and of the LA Kings in particular). Overall, he was very kind and gracious and made time to talk to each of us individually. His soft-spoken demeanor at the time was so at odds with his stage persona of Gumby-like, gravity defying moves. Alex (or Lecav as many call him) is still a mystery to me, but a mystery in the best of ways. I look forward to getting to know him more, both about his show life and his time away. I invite you to stick around as that happens.