Mitch McConnell Get Out!

Kyle Meredith from “In the Studio” interviewed Stephan Jenkins on Monday, May 29th, Memorial Day. WFPK is a 24-hour listener-supported, noncommercial radio station in Louisville, Kentucky. While speaking about music, Kyle brought up “Cop vs. Phone Girl.” Stephan stated he writes about the impact of relationships and emotional impacts that leave a dent on him. Kyle then mentioned the Republican National Convention, Stephan jokingly responds he took it easy on them. But what happen next was so poignant, so correct and filled me with pride that he used this public platform to state what so many people are afraid to say out loud! Stephan said, “Political you can’t stop…we’re on pins and needles - it’s the strangest thing, it looks like we have a Russian operative in the White House like that seems to be pretty clear and your Senator Mitch McConnell is okay with it and he’s really complacent in treason and he seems to be alright with it, he’s a really terrible, really terrible person. You guys have got to get together and get Mitch McConnell out of the Senate. He’s a self-serving absolutely hypocritical, complacent in treason individual who has no care about the norms of the American political system, let’s just call it as we see it; he is bad news.” Stephen further goes on to mention while in Atlanta he was looking to volunteer to help Jon Ossoff, a candidate for a special election on June 20, 2017 in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. here is his link to find out more about the candidate and how to take action and volunteer.

Stephan goes on to state, “It doesn’t really matter, I have a lot of Republican friends, it doesn’t matter if you’re Republican or Democrat, I don’t really care about the partisan stuff very much, what I’m talking about is the basic unraveling of the US is happening right now. We’re slipping into authoritarianism and if people don’t know what that means you should really look it up because it’s going on; it’s kind of incredible and that’s why I like people who are woke to it; are constantly, constantly absorbed in it.”

Full interview here:

Authoritarianism (noun): from the word Authoritarian Adjective: of or relating to a governmental or political system, principle, or practice in which individual freedom is held as completely subordinate to the power of authority of the state, centered either in one person or a small group that is not constitutionally accountable to the people.

Wow, thanks Stephan for stating out loud what I’m constantly aware of and often worrying about. There is some serious shit going down in our country right now and people need to wake up and resist!

Let’s just focus on Mitch McConnell for a minute. He is currently the Senior Majority Leader; he first took office as a US Senator on January 3, 1985…let that year sink in for a minute - 1985. We didn’t even have Self-Titled yet. Does anybody think of term limits? When a career politician, which he undoubtedly is, is making decisions based on career and not citizens, that’s a problem. Not only does he stand complacent to the obvious treason he is also who used the “Nuclear Option” to lower the threshold for overriding filibusters for Supreme Court nominees to a simple majority, in order to get Neil Gorsuch confirmed. He opposes collective-bargaining rights, minimum-wage increases, and he has no respect for the truth. He doesn’t stand alone in his complacency for this treason; he has plenty of company. He bumbles around saying stupid shit trying to make excuses for a completely unhinged Russian operative sitting in the highest office in the country. Why? Because his political agenda is more important than any citizen. He’d rather rip Obamacare apart…oh wait I mean, “Repeal and Replace” than take care of the idiot at the top. Their idea of repeal and replace will affect the poorest, unhealthiest, and oldest in our country and he doesn’t give a shit. His state will be one of those most affected. He could do something about this – him and that poor excuse of a human Paul Ryan but NOPE; political agenda before citizens. They want to pull out of the “Paris Agreement” (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) because these idiots don’t believe in Global Climate Change! Agent Trump playing is playing a reality TV game show with whether the US will remain partnered with 195 countries to fight Global Climate Change. This is crazy!

Never have I literally been afraid to look at my twitter or news alerts in the morning until this year.

I’m grateful Stephan Jenkins has the guts to voice the concerns so many of us are feeling right now. Thanks Stephan and keep on being you!

Until next time #RESIST