International Man of Mystery: On the Strings

Kick off those boots and take a seat while we get to know our favorite Irishman and guitar player a little bit better.

Now, I have yet to meet Kryz and perusing the internet for information on him doesn’t turn up much. However, I have learned a few things these past several years.

Photo: Kryz Reid Twitter

Kryz is the lead guitarist for Third Eye Blind who comes from Ireland and exudes an air of coolness. An easygoing dude, it appears, with a great accent, mesmerizing blue eyes, rock star hair, and a love for Star Wars and video recording.  I have seen Kryz play with Third Eye Blind a couple of times, usually standing somewhere in his vicinity. As soon as he takes the stage, I become intrigued and captivated by his persona, smooth guitar playing and overall stage presence.  He’s just a lot of fun to watch!

I look forward to learning more about Kryz and I am excited to see him play with Third Eye Blind for years to come. I also hope to have an opportunity to meet him one of these days.