3EB Expert Guitar Lesson: The Background.

Why 3EB?

Between the years of 1997 and 2003, I would hear “Doot doot doot” throughout the household.

I would hear the signature “How’s it Going to Be” guitar lead line. I would hear “It’s who we are now, who we are” from Out of The Vein. I remember poking fun at my brother because he would have “Semi-Charmed Life” on repeat. I was only a kid, the lyrical content meant nothing to me.

Decided to do a cover of The Background by Third Eye blind. One of my favorite songs. More of a guitar player than a singer but I hope to get better. I recorded the vocals on a separate take.

Years later, he re-introduced the music to me after a song came to my liking. He said to me, “You remember the ‘doot doot doot’ band? Well, that’s them.” It was 2006 and I listened to “Self Titled,” “Blue,” and “Out of the Vein” in a mix of songs without knowledge of which albums contained which songs. I fell in love with the songs and the lyrics. I was inspired to start learning guitar so I could perform at the talent show at my school in 2007. I was 16 at the time. I chose “Motorcycle Drive-by” and ended up playing and singing that song in front of the school after only picking up the guitar one month earlier.

Now 10 years later, I still love Third Eye Blind with the same passion. Learning every lyric, learning every guitar part. Figuring out the tunings that were used and gathering a collection of signed memorabilia. Here are my covers of “The Background” and “Wounded”  as well as a lesson for “The Background” .

I had some people asking me to do a lesson for this song in the comments of my cover video, so here it is! :) I'm not very good at explaining things but i hope this helps some people! :)

I live in Australia and have only had the chance to see 3EB live one time in Sydney. I can’t wait for them to come back.