Guitar Tab Books

Written By: Jason Dufault

I met Kryz, for the first time, after their Hampton Beach, NH show at the Casino Ball Room shortly after he joined Third Eye Blind. He had just started touring with the band, and I don’t actually recall exactly how it happened, but someone from the group I was with, brought him a guitar tab book for the band’s Self- Titled album.

Kryz Reid, Courtesy

He got his hands on the book, and in Kryz’ usual fashion he was SO incredibly grateful and asked if he could keep the book. We all know how hard it is to replicate those guitar rifts. Looking back, I remember being floored at how humble he was with everything. He was so excited to be apart of the band, and ever so committed to learning that catalog. At that point, because he was so new to the band, I’m not even sure he had heard half of the songs on the Self-Titled album at that point. Kryz has been a great addition to the band, and plays those rifts so fluidly. I wonder if he still has that book?

Hal Leonard