Third Eye Blind performed on the Today show, this morning, celebrating their 20th Anniversary for the fans. While Stephan Jenkins denies being nostalgic, one thing he cannot deny is his love for politics and sharing his view.


The word “RESIST.” plastered across his chest, was more than just a word on a shirt, there is a deeper meaning as to why he decided to wear that shirt today. If you ask him, he’ll either dive into his interpretation of politics and 45, or he’ll merely shake it off and let you decide why he wore it. Either way, anyone that saw that T-shirt today knows it was a political view, his political view.

The band and I have always shared identical political views, and when I saw Stephan wearing that t-shirt I decided to Amazon Prime it. I found the shirt right away, and it’s being packaged and delivered to my house right now. Since the beginning, they’ve had no problem writing opening political songs, Non-Dairy Creamer, Don’t Believe a Word, About to Break, and Cop Vs. Phone Girl just to name a few.

For months, Stephan has had #RESIST on his twitter bio, when he tweets, he tweets ending with #RESIST. Today, 45 withdrew from the Paris Agreement,  and the whole band has been tweeting about it. This decision will effect every single American, even if you don’t agree with it.

Stephan wore this shirt on live television for a reason. I’ll wear it for the very same reason. If you want to purchase this shirt, it is available on Amazon here.  Join the cause in showing that 45 is bad for our country, resist the fight to give in. Be the voice.