Can She Graduate? Just Lay Back.

I met Alexis Michelle Rollins a couple of years ago when she won a pair of tickets to a west coast show.

Being from the east coast and all of 19, she needed someone out here to host her. I never knew when I nervously volunteered to be that host that she would become one of my most cherished friends. I was thrilled to get to talk her tattoos on behalf of  3EBLifestyle.

Courtesy: Alexis Michelle Rollins

Alexis has a unique and sexy thigh piece as well as a hidden gem on her hip – I asked her to tell me about them.

Courtesy: Alexis Michelle Rollins

Alexis R: “Graduate” was obviously my anthem to get me through school, and that particular lyric, “will the song live on long after we do” has always resonated with me. It speaks to the lasting power of not only Third Eye Blind’s music but especially the Self-Titled album. I got it in Nashville after we all saw them at Vandy.

Courtesy: Alexis Michelle Rollins

As far as my thigh piece, I love that song so much; it was my first 3EB tattoo. I knew I wanted a lyric in Stephan’s handwriting, with his signature – but I wasn’t sure what I wanted. It was between the “Lay Back” quote and “Send Me All Your Vampires” from “I Want You” - but I wanted him to pick. At the meet and greet he said since it was going on my body I should really pick, but I felt like he was more into “Lay Back,” I think because it’s a demo and by asking him for that maybe he knew I was a true fan.

Courtesy: Alexis Michelle Rollins

The only versions of that song on YouTube are shitty quality, so I like to search for covers.

Amanda Birlew: I remember the day you got to share your “Lay Back” tattoo with Stephan in Nashville in October of 2015 – the joy on your face was everything. Tell me about how that felt.

AR: That was truly amazing. I said, “I have something to show you.” and pointed to it and he exclaimed, “You must be hardcore to get a demo” and I laughed and said, “I am!”

Courtesy: Alexis Michelle Rollins

AB: Do you have any plans to get any more 3eb ink?

AR: I’d really like to get the falling man or the album art from Self-Titled.

AB: And for the record, who’s your best friend?

AR: You, you, and you, silly.