Rejoice Evermore - Sweet Mary

Sweet Mary or Mary Keever as those who don’t know her amazingly kind soul would know her as true Third Eye Blind Misfit, full of class, love, so much knowledge, and a whole lot of sass. She truly is a one in a million woman. Below she shares the stories of her #3ebink, her love of the band and the ink her incredible tattoo artist and friend helped bring to life.

Courtesy: Mary Keever

Amanda Birlew: Hi Mary, I’m super excited to get to interview you about your 3eb ink – why don’t you start by telling everyone a little about you. And your love of Third Eye Blind?

Mary Keever: I have been a 3eb fan since the first cd; although, I only became very involved (in the fan groups) about 2 years ago.

AB: Have you always been a diehard fan?

MK: Yes! I am, although, I have only seen 3eb twice; once when they were touring for Out of the Vein and then for the Dopamine tour. I think I am one of the "older" fans; my philosophy is I am old enough to know better, but young enough not to care.

AB: Tell me about your tattoos and your tattoo artist, Nate.

MK: My first 3eb tattoo was the dopamine molecule. I got that a few days after seeing them in Houston on the Dopamine tour.

Next was the “rejoice, evermore” and SJ's signature. My friend (and fellow 3eb fan), Jacki Flynn graciously got SJ to write that out for me. He even used her back to write it out.

I've made some great friends via 3eb!!

For my last 3eb tattoo (last for now) I incorporated the cool SJ "halo" shot with my dopamine tattoo. My tattoo artist, Nate Beavers, is the bomb. Nate was on Season 8 of the reality show Ink Masters.

Courtesy: Mary Keever

AB: Have you had an opportunity to share your ink with the boys? I’m sure Stephan would be extremely flattered.

MK: Let's see; I've never met the boys so, no they've never seen my ink in person. I did tweet it to them.

AB: Would you consider more 3eb ink in the future?

MK: I would definitely consider more 3eb ink.

Courtesy: Mary Keever