Weightless: A Tribute To Our Loved Ones Lost

Photo: Daniel A Nolan

I only know because I carry you around, in the background. 


Christian P. Thiele 6/22/74 - 4/7/99

'Prickles up my skin, And I can feel the changing weather, While alone along that coast, Sense memories of your ghost' - Liseli & Garvin Thiele

Amanda Lane Cooley 11/16/85- 5/4/10

'My heart was broken and I think of her every time I hear that song.' - Emily Rose Fletcher

Michael Patrick Flanagan May 1, 2008

 'My amazing grandfather who raised my sister and I. My guardian angel.' - Stephanie Brilla

Aaron Joseph Hanna 11/14/83-08/19/2010

'My only sibling, my darling brother' - Amy Coleman

My Father, Arthur Griffith III 04/24/43-12/06/96

Courtesy: Meghan Moore

'Self titled was released 6 mo after his death and I found comfort in that album. I miss him so much!! - Meghan Moore

John Seely 10/10/59 - 1/8/16

'Father of my son and wonderful friend. Adored and missed.' - Susan Seely

Fred Zuckerman

Laurie Hoffman

Carolyn Dorris 3/24/58 - 2/28/05

'my momma' - Amanda Olson Birlew

Collier Pearson 2/16/2017

My mom, Gail Ayers

'The last thing we did together was go to a Third Eye Blind concert and they ended it with The Background, I didn't know I was about to live the song' - Amanda Lasley Fry

Martina Barnhart 2/8/86-6/3/17

- Jessie Vesay

Greg Mohrman

-Michael Sprecher


Lola Biddle

- Bobbie Jo Alires,

Lola Biddle


Deborah F. Moretti 8/30/1949 - 6/10/2017

- Lee Daniele Moretti 

Moretti, Deborah F. (Ciccio), at the age of 67 passed away unexpectedly at home on Saturday, June 10, 2017. Born in Providence, she was the daughter of the late Ralph and Pasqualina "Lena" (Tulli) Ciccio. She is the mother of Lee Moretti of Lincoln, RI and sister of Barbara (Ciccio) Wexler.

Deborah had received her Master's Degree from Boston University and pursued a career in psychology and had retired from the Rhode Island Department of Corrections as a counselor. Her time at the ACI earned her the implicit trust of her colleagues and those she counseled. During the length of her career, she vastly improved the lives of those she worked with and made a massively positive impact on those around her. In her downtime, she enjoyed collecting antiques, seeing live music, and cooking, among many other hobbies. Her tenacious, lively, charming, brilliant and empathic personality made her the life and pulse of any gathering, and a dear friend and family member to all. 

Family and friends may gather for a memorial service at Swan Point Cemetery, 585 Blackstone Blvd in Providence, RI on July 7 at 12 Noon in the Redwood Chapel.


On behalf of 3EB Lifestyle, we send you our love Lee, and know that we are here if you need anything - Our condolences we are very sorry for your loss. - L