What Is A Buffalo: To Trash or Treasure

AR, Courtesy

Rock and roll has always pushed the boundaries of style and fashion. Without rock, would we wear as many leather motorcycle jackets (outside of actual bikers)? Rockers have pioneered all sorts of looks that have influenced our culture. Sometimes it’s accidental, like wearing ripped jeans because that’s the only almost clean pair a touring band member has left and other times it’s fully staged like the over-the-top looks of Kiss. And of course, there is the longstanding tradition, started sometime in the ‘50s of musicians destroying their instruments.

Andrew Rey, Courtesy

Alex LeCavalier, as you know, certainly brings his own sense of fashion to the Third Eye Blind show. Fellow fan, Andrew R., had the unforgettable experience of not just meeting the band after a show, but also of helping Alex add some special finishing touches to a key part of his image. After a show in Austin, TX, Alex handed Andrew a brand new bass and said to him, “Hey man, I want you to fuck this up.” Had this been someone like me, the bass would have been lightly tapped or dragged, but Andrew went for it! He scraped that sucker down on the cement near the bus. The previously shiny bass ended up with a pretty obvious battle scar. Alex’s reaction? “That’s where I put my arm when I play. It’s alright, I dig it.” I’m not a musician, but I imagine that this type of instrument abuse can make a brand new instrument feel as comfortable as an old pair of barely-washed jeans. What do you think, shiny-new or broken-in? Leave your comment below.