Experience of a Lifetime

When you’ve been a fan of Third Eye Blind for your whole life finally getting to go to a soundcheck and a meet and greet is an amazing experience. For Meghan Moore, it was the experience of a lifetime. Here is her story.  -Nichole Drum

For my birthday this year, I spent the whole weekend traveling to Third Eye Blind shows. I also experienced my first soundcheck and meet and greet. My experience was absolutely unforgettable, but before I get into the details about my perfect weekend let me give you some background on when my love for Third Eye Blind began.

In 1997, I was 12 when I first saw the music video for "Semi-Charmed Life" appear on MTV (back when MTV was nothing but great videos). I fell in love with the music right away and seeing the music video that day is what I think really grabbed my attention. I will never forget those motorcycles driving over the hill. I was raised on rock. My much older sister raised me right. She introduced me to Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Blind Melon, Soundgarden, STP, etc at a very young age. Third Eye Blind I discovered on my own. After hearing “Semi-Charmed Life” for the first time I absolutely wanted to hear more.

When I got their self titled album, I couldn't believe that I loved every single song. That doesn't always happen. I listened to it on repeat constantly (still do). I have followed this band for 20 years and I have bought every record the day they were released. Stephan Jenkins became my inspiration. His voice is the most uniquely beautiful voice I have ever heard. His lyrics are on another level, a level that back at the age of 12 I found to be pretty mature and even dirty, I loved it, it had a certain rebellion that I wanted at that time of my life facing the frustrations of growing up.

Fast forward 20 years later and here I am, still in love with their music both old and new, the old still feeling just as new as it did when I first heard it. That's why I'm still listening and still going to shows. I was blown away by the intensity I felt during the Summer Gods Tour this year. I traveled to Clearwater on my birthday to start off my string of shows. I was so ecstatic I couldn't stand it. I even met some really awesome Misfits there. The first show was really better than I could have ever imagined. I was seeing Third Eye Blind in what I believe to be their prime. They have never let me down.

The following day, we drove back to Jacksonville, and I went to soundcheck and a meet and greet for the first time. I met the band once before in Charleston after a show but this experience being all planned out made me kind of nervous. Saying hello after a show, I'm definitely a little more relaxed. Soundcheck was great as well as funny at some points. We heard some pieces of some new songs that sounded amazing and Stephan was also googling the lyrics to "London.”

Our group was pretty small that day. After soundcheck, we lined up to say hey and get something signed. I brought Blue with me because it means a lot to me, my favorite album. Stephan and Brad signed it as well as the self titled album that we picked up there. They were both really welcoming and friendly. I definitely didn't get to say what I really wanted to say, I managed to forget everything but somehow I always remember to ask for hug.

Courtesy: Meghan Moore

Stephan gives great hugs. I told them how much I enjoyed the show the night before, they were gracious and asked how far I traveled. Stephan gave me a compliment on my combat boots, we took a couple pictures, I said thanks, and I headed out the door. I was really looking forward to another show that evening.

Courtesy Meghan Moore

A second bonus was that it was my first time at my city's new amphitheater and the sound at the show that night was spectacular. Everyone in the pit seemed to be having the best time singing the words to each and every song experiencing self titled from beginning to end. I finally saw them perform "The Background" live. It was pretty close to perfect. Every show gives me satisfaction, but always leaves me wanting more. I did get to go to one more show in Charlotte the next weekend but that night is another full story. When I have the urge to feel the most alive I've ever felt, I'm at a Third Eye Blind show with my friends, nothing in my 32 years of existence has been more exciting than the times I am living right now in this very moment.

Courtesy: Meghan Moore