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I Never Really Loved Anything That Didn’t Scare Me - Except Lollipops: A Four Year Old’s Birthday Wish

I Never Really Loved Anything That Didn’t Scare Me - Except Lollipops: A Four Year Old’s Birthday Wish

This past spring, Third Eye Blind fans rejoiced with the release of not one, but two new music videos.

The video for “Company of Strangers” came out in March, followed in April by the video for “Weightless.”

A mash-up of footage from life on the road, the red carpet, studios, and some beautiful island scenes, the video for “Weightless” was one that I had to replay over and over. I loved it, and I wasn’t the only one. Fans everywhere were diggin’ the work of Gavin Michael Booth, including two of the bands youngest fans - my daughters.

My daughters, ages three and five, are interested in all things music. They take a serious interest in the variety of songs they hear and quickly form opinions and favorites. Given the amount of Third Eye Blind, they are prone to be hearing on any given day, I’m glad to say they happily claim 3EB as their favorite band. “We have the same favorite band, mom,” they’ll say to me proudly. The day that “Weightless” came out, naturally, they wanted to see it. Then they wanted to see it again, and again, and again.

Stephan had tweeted the video with the short message, “Lmk how you likey.” I asked the girls if they liked it and they both nodded their heads with bright smiles. I told them that Stephan wanted to know what they thought about the video. My three year old (we’ll call her Lil É) shied away, probably thinking she had to actually talk to someone. My five year old, Su, readily volunteered her answer which I tweeted to Stephan. Then we watched the video again.

Shortly thereafter, we were surprised and excited to see that Stephan quoted my tweet. Su gloated to her younger sister that Stephan thought she was rad. Somewhat jealous of her older sister, Lil É was no longer shy and wanted some Twitter action of her own. She stuttered and stumbled over her words for a minute, formulating what would be the perfect reply in the mind of a three year old. Eventually she settled on her words and we sent the tweet out. Then we watched the video again.

Surprise, surprise! Stephan quoted that tweet, too! Ever since then, it’s been an ongoing joke with the girls and I that one of these days we’ll have to meet up with Stephan and give him lollies. Lil É says that we can give him some as long as she gets to have some, too.

Summer Gods Tour was approaching and I had plans to go to Berkeley, and only Berkeley. Danny shamed me for not being at the Chapel show. Other misfits put on the pressure about attending shows, too. How had I never been to a show when I’ve been a fan all these years?!

In May I was talked into heading out east and attending Charlotte and Raleigh as well. When it came time for my trip, the girls were sad to see me leave but also jealous that I was going to see Third Eye Blind and not bringing them along. They gave me quite a bit of grief for it.


With some of my new found besties and I planning Berkeley shenanigans behind the scenes (s/o to the Magnums), and with me being on a high off my trip to NC, plans were hatched to attend two more shows - Tahoe and Vegas.

Originally, I hadn’t planned to attend Tahoe solely due to the date - July 16th. That’s Lil É’s birthday. She’s going to be four years old. I had thought about taking the girls, but… naaaah… They’re too little, right?… but… it IS her favorite band... and it IS her birthday… She does only turn four once, right? And in the end, I used my daughter’s birthday and our collective love for Third Eye Blind to justify buying Official Platinum tickets in the 3rd row, slightly Stage Right, Center section.

 Lil É on her 3rd birthday (2016)

This Sunday, I’ll pick up my girls from their father and we’ll hit the road for what could be a three or four hour drive, depending on how often the kids make me stop the car. We’ll pick up fellow Expert Janelle Morrow at SMF and head up to Tahoe where we’ll meet up with more Experts. I can’t express my excitement at meeting all these wonderful souls face to face finally. They’ve really become family to me over the last few months and I’m incredibly excited. I haven’t planned it all out yet, but I’m pretty sure we need to fit cake and ice cream in there somewhere (it is a birthday after all) - and lollipops. For Lil É’s birthday, she wants to give Stephan some lollipops (just remember, she gets some, too). I’m crossing my fingers here, don’t want to disappoint the kid on her birthday. Then again, she’d probably be just as happy not talking to strangers and getting to keep all the lollies for herself (she has a major sweet tooth). We’ll just wing it and see how things go.

P.S. “Never Let You Go” is Lil É’s favorite song by Third Eye Blind. She actually stole Blue from me and keeps it in the CD player in her room. She also requests “Never Let You Go” if I have YouTube open on my phone. I’m glad it’s been on the set list for tour most nights. Make sure it stays on the set list for Tahoe, please and thank you. See you Sunday!

Saturday with Stephan: Biggest Little Fan

Saturday with Stephan: Biggest Little Fan

The Soundtrack Of My (Love) Life by Matt Wilmote

The Soundtrack Of My (Love) Life by Matt Wilmote

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