Are you a Third Eye Blind Expert?

See what the experts really think about it!

A lot of people hear the word expert and think it's someone who knows all the words to all the songs, all the guys who are and have been in the band, band history, tour dates, etc.

And to an extent that is true for a lot of "experts" but that isn't the only or most accurate answer.

To me, an expert is someone who feels the music and lets the music and band impact their life. Maybe they don't know all the words or any of the deep cuts and don't know who was in the band at what point or what Stephan's hair looked like from one stage to another.  Hell, Stephan doesn't even know all the words or other seemingly important details sometimes.

But if the music has impacted you, if the words have changed your life, if you have testimony to the way that 3EB has made you a different, better, more whole person and you identify with that in your soul...

That's an expert to me. There's no angle. Just Mad. Blind. Love.