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Saturday with Stephan: What You Mean To Us

Saturday with Stephan: What You Mean To Us

As this weekend is the Berkeley stop on the Summer Gods tour, I wanted to take a moment and instead of share a fan's experience with Stephan Jenkins, share what the man and his music has meant to so many. Here, unedited and in their own words, is what Stephan Jenkins means to just a very small portion of his fans. Thank you, Stephan, for giving us all so much hope, inspiration and, for many, a place to belong, where we are no longer alone in being misfits.

Courtesy: 3EB Expert Sabrina B

"He is the greatest lyricist of his time. He inspires me greatly with his graciousness to the fans and all he does. I can go on and on. But he has played a big part in my life he's my idol." - Art Marquez

Courtesy: Lorenzo Perez

"He's created a safe space where I'm able to be myself & genuinely connect with people." - Courtnee Cogdill

"He's such an inspiration, he is himself and has such a positive outlook on things and the way he brings everyone together makes you feel comfortable at his show no ones different it's peace and fun all around. His lyrics some can be so simple, but yet so deep. The way the music mixes with the lyrics is just amazing. He is definitely one to look up to!" - Jessie Vesay

Courtesy Kendra

"His lyrics, his presence and his voice draw you in and captivate you. It's like you get so caught up in the moment, its mesmerizing. He just has a way of commanding the crowd that other people don't. I appreciate his political stance and how he's not afraid to speak his mind. I adore his acts of kindness. He's an all around genius in my book." - Kendra McWilliams

Courtesy Donna Smits

"He puts words to so much of what I feel soul-deep. He has also helped my find my true family." - Nery Delisse Diaz

Courtesy Tracy Blake

I have always loved the music of Third Eye Blind and had seen them countless times from 1997-2011. Ever single time I was really high on meth. It was only when I saw them live for the first time after quitting meth in 2011 that I knew I would really be alright. Feeling the natural high (I had never felt so alive) that i got just from being at the show was just what I needed. I knew at that moment I would never have to use again - Susan Zuckerman-Seely

Courtesy Sabrina B.

Stephan Jenkins is a Legend. - Liseli Thiele

Courtesy Roddy Rickerd

Stephan Jenkins means life to me. I've said this multiple times before, their live music nourishes my soul. His lyrics breathe life into me when I just can't figure out how to get out of my head. When I can't escape myself I escape into the lyrics and I'm able to reset my mind and soul. There's no other artist that is a part of my DNA in this manner. I'm rambling, I hope this makes sense. - Lucy Alvarez

He pulls the things I know and feel out of the ether to form complete thoughts that I can breathe in, thoughts that speak to my soul, thoughts that make me feel more whole. - Lizette McMillen

Captivating is the best word I can think of to describe him and what I think of him. I've never been more instantly drawn to a voice and lyrics. He is also timeless. I've loved a lot of music that isn't still relevant to me and 3eb has always remained. It's amazing when someone can fully captivate you, every time they produce art. Every time - Jason Dufault

Courtesy Laura Emmet

For Emma, Stephan will always be the person who taught her to love music. And I will always be grateful that his music is something that brought Emma and I closer together. - Bella and Emma Wolf 

He is my Brother, He is the Leader of the Band, He is Made of Lions

He is my Brother, He is the Leader of the Band, He is Made of Lions

What Is A Buffalo: What Happens In Vegas

What Is A Buffalo: What Happens In Vegas

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