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“What Happens in Vegas… Ends up on Lifestyle”

“What Happens in Vegas… Ends up on Lifestyle”

In January, concert tickets for the Summer Gods Tour went on sale. Fortunately, I live in Vegas and hit the jackpot a few weeks before. So, I was able to surprise my daughter, Emma, with the gift of a Meet and Greet in Las Vegas. The first thing she asked was, “Will you ask Stephan if I can touch his hair?”

Thoughts went through my head - Will the ticket insurance pay up if I get banned from the show; How big exactly is a Costco sized Jameson whiskey? You know, the usual thoughts when you are about to promise your nine-year-old that, yes, you will ask a stranger if she can rub his head.

She made the puppy face, so I had to say yes. Before the sound check, we sat with friends and I took a few shots of whiskey. Unfortunately, by the time the Meet and Greet happened, I was pretty much sober. We waited in line and when it was our turn, Emma chatted with Stephan and Brad while I got the gifts to give to Stephan. I asked her today and she can’t remember much of what she said. She said she babbled nervously because she was actually right next to Stephan and his great hair. The only thing she does remember specifically is asking if he would sign her set list from their 20th Anniversary Show at The Chapel, which Stephan and Brad graciously did.

Finally, it was time. There was no putting it off. So, I said, “Stephan, I’m not nearly drunk enough to ask you this, but I’m going to anyway...” I wish I had a picture of his face at that moment. I added, “I promised Emma I would.” And he looked more relaxed after that because, what could a little girl ask, right? “Emma really loves your hair and wanted me to ask if she could touch it.” I thought, at best, he would reluctantly allow it because she’s a kid. Instead, he smiled and bent down so she could reach it and invited her to touch away! (If he had looked in any way uncomfortable, I was prepared to pass it off as a joke.)

Stephan asked Sam, who was taking the pictures, “You’re getting this, right?” And everyone was smiling or laughing or both - especially Emma. The flash didn’t go off, so Stephan said, “Again,” and he again presented his hair to Emma.

The shot was missed three times before Stephan bent down and told Emma, “Just keep your hand on my head until we get the shot, okay.” Well, of course that was okay. (You all can keep a secret, right? When we went up to our room to laugh and giggle, we checked the camera. There were actually 4 pictures on it and only the last one was blurry. Thank you, Sam!)

Courtesy Bella Wolf

What did Emma give Stephan? A bottle of Chanel nail polish because she saw the Tweet of him getting a pedicure. I told him, “That’s Emma’s signature color, it’s called Liquid Mirror.” He looked at the box and said, “So that’s like a silver.” And he thanked her and I asked him to have a pedicure done with Emma’s polish and Tweet it. Remember Stephan, you said, “I promise I will Tweet you that picture.”

And that’s Emma’s story of how she met The Greatest Rockstar Ever and touched his hair. Thank you, Stephan and Brad. You made a little girl’s dream come true that day. She will never forget it. Your kindness to Emma made it the best Girl’s Night Out Ever.

Team Brad’s Praise For The One Who Is Made Of Lions

Team Brad’s Praise For The One Who Is Made Of Lions

He is my Brother, He is the Leader of the Band, He is Made of Lions

He is my Brother, He is the Leader of the Band, He is Made of Lions

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