How do you live a Third Eye Blind Lifestyle?

3EB Experts Share from the Heart

When I can sing at least 5 lines of a song a day that pertain to what I am experiencing. Example; when I ask my husband a question and he doesn't answer. In my head I'm singing "Say it, Say it, Say it one time.. Speak your mind..." 

I talk about 3EB and how they help me thru ups and downs. I wear and listen to 3EB to show my love of the band.

When I get to work at 8 am, the first thing I do is turn on my 3EB playlist. It makes me happy and helps me make it through the day.

On casual Fridays, I wear something 3EB inspired. When someone asks me my favorite band, there's no hesitation.

My husband and I have conversations in lyrics.  I live in the moment and stopped trying to capture things on my phone. As much as I wish I did have more pictures, I have some amazing memories, and am able to experience things 100% because I'm not trying to balance a phone.

I have a tattoo dedicated to my "semi-charmed" life... because that song opened up the world to me.   I live a 3EB Lifestyle because that's who I am.

First and foremost supporting the band and their causes. By buying their music, going to their shows, buying merch, and donating to charities we both support.

Lighting up social media in support of them and being an active member of their various fan channels in support of not only the band but the friends and family the music has brought me.

My car is all decked out in 3EB Decals and license plate, and the 5 CD changer is loaded with the Best of Third Eye Blind which I play on full blast.

We have become a kind of family to each other, meeting each other for multiple shows all over the USA and beyond. If people are not able to attend we try and purchase items for each other only available at shows. We are a family that love and supports each other through thick and thin.

I have been happy to be involved a number of times where a number of us got together to help a fellow fan in financial distress. It's all about finding my people and the connection that is like no other.

I speak in lyrics, I wear 3EB shirts, hoodies and hats as much as possible, own all the music, engage with other fans daily.

My kids have a Third Eye Blind You Tube Playlist, and they are entertained for hours.

Plan my vacations around their tour, fly cross country to see them with others living the lifestyle. 

I introduce people to their music as much as I can.

I wear their merch all the time, especially on my time off work. And most of all, I listen to their music as much as I can.  I plan vacations around concert dates.

There is a positive force and message behind the whole 3EB Lifestyle and that's what I'm about. Good vibes, good people and good music.

Living a 3EB Lifestyle is about carrying out the message of the band in your own personal life. It's about being real and true with who you are and putting that out to the world. Live your life and really make the most of what you have because there's a lot of shit out there that's gonna try and tear you down but we're all strong enough to rise above if we stay real and true.

Don't be bullied and don't play the victim. And if you see someone being bullied or a victim of misdeeds, don't take that shit either. Work for the greater good and lift each other up. Shame the devil. Toast the blood of your enemies. We're all Made of Lions.