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Team Brad’s Praise For The One Who Is Made Of Lions

Team Brad’s Praise For The One Who Is Made Of Lions

His tribute is titled “Hug A Drummer” and Stephan kindly refers to him as a brother. Brad Hargreaves is fierce when he’s beating those drums, but many of us fans have also had the pleasure of meeting Brad and finding out what a great person he truly is. We just wanted to let him know how special he really is both as the drummer of our favorite band, Third Eye Blind, and as a man who is made of lions. We asked fans to answer a question: What does Brad mean to you? Here’s what they told us:


“Brad... with his sly smile and chill demeanor, he has a way of making everything and everyone around him happy and relaxed.”

-Janelle Morrow

“Brad is just the greatest. Super easy to talk with and he cares about all walks of life. It's those beats coming from those drums to the Solo Drum kicks. Brad is the glue that helps mend my heart together each and everyday. I'm just glad we can call each other friends for life. 3ebforever.”

-Michael Sprecher

“Brad is so kind and relaxed, I love talking to him. He's extremely talented and I love his brotherhood with SJ!”

-Diana Knight Impeartrice

“Brad has a way about him that is so humble and gracious. He has a great sense of humor and just makes everyone around him feel at ease. I also admire his passion for his art and his mash-ups (miss them).”

-Nery Delisse Diaz


“Brad made Emma see that music is something you make and not just listen to. (Although Emma and I play drums loudly rather than skillfully. But we have fun doing it.)”

-Bella Wolff

“I just tweeted about this a few days ago!! That drum solo in your heartbeat ever.”

-Brittney Chamberlain


“Brad means everything. Been on team Brad from day one! ❤ That tall, lanky, drum stick shredding son of a bitch.”

-Stephanie Hill

“Team Brad forever.”

-Lauren Sebastian

“Yes... Team Brad always... He's the ❤️❤️The bees knees”

-Kari Mas

“He's just a straight up bad ass mofo.”

-Andrew Staples


“Brad brings the thunder and his drum solos unleash the beast that is made of LIONS!!”

-Valerie Rosenhauer


“Brad seems like such genuinely good person, a sweet soul. The first time I met him and SJ, I had initially missed the meet and greet due to horrible traffic caused by a semi crash. Anyway, thanks to some wonderful people I managed to meet both of them after the show (long story). Brad was the first one to come out (and for a while it looked like the only one) and talk to me/take pictures, etc. He said "well, you got the drummer..." with a smile. I asked if I could hug him and he said "Yeah, let’s bring in it for the real thing." When I met them the second time I mentioned this story and he remembered (at least he said he did, even if it was just to humor me, God bless him), and the third time, I accosted him outside of his Uber after the show and asked for a picture. You could tell he was tired and so ready to be done for the night, but he was so kind and gracious and posed for a picture anyway. Aside from his incredible talent...that's why Brad is the best.”

-Tiffany Pate


“Bass, hi-hat, and the snare.”

-Drew Mendez


“Great feel. Laid-back and behind-the-beat mostly but can also be perky on songs like Never Let You Go.”

-Marcus Kim


“Brad is like a surprise with a smile. He just fuckin shows up out of nowhere and it's a damn pleasure. He's laid back and sweet as pie. There's no question to why his tribute is called "Hug A Drummer." And musically? The drums and bass are my favorite. There's nothing like the feeling of standing there and having the bass beat booming in your stomach and chest. Those moments are golden. This guy is the heartbeat of the band, literally. Made of lions - 100%. You couldn't ask for a better man to fill those shoes.”

-Lizette McMillen


"Brad is the Boss."

- Liseli Thiele


So, here’s to you, Brad!!. We’ll see you again in the Fall with nothing but MAD. BLIND. LOVE.



“What Happens in Vegas… Ends up on Lifestyle”

“What Happens in Vegas… Ends up on Lifestyle”

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