Summer Gods: Long Before the Encore

Anticipation wells up big time before any show. Even if its your first time seeing them live, you aren't prepared for what's going to happen when the fellas hit the stage. I've seen Third Eye Blind four times now and I've been a fan since '97.

Summer Gods is definitely the most special and exciting tour they've performed so far and they continuously outdo themselves each year. The band's setup, the lights, and the fashion alone are so visually pleasing I felt like I was swimming in an ocean of cosmos.

The emotion in the music and lyrics are intense in headphones alone, but hearing them live is indescribable. Stephan's showmanship will rock you so hard you'll end up with sex hair and that's long before even getting close to the encore. Be prepared to get annihilated and perfect obliterated.

The energy from the band and how much they rock out isn't just contagious, the fans have it in them, too. The last couple of concerts I've seen I attended alone, but it isn't a bummer - you will make friends, guaranteed.

Third Eye Blind fans are special people and without the band, I honestly don't know how we would all find each other. Like Third Eye Blind's lyrics, experiencing them live will be etched into you deeper than bones.