All Amped Up

Sometimes you receive tributes from an unlikely source. This week’s Kickin’ It With Kryz comes from Skrateboard, the Studio Cat at Glow In The Dark Studios. Even the animals love him! Enjoy this adorable story about the adorable one himself.

Courtesy: Kryz Reid,

Studio life is hard work. Bands come in and here I am. I'm constantly busy - Greeting the bands, checking the gear, hunting moths... "Studio Cat" is a title I take very seriously.

We've had a lot of talent walk through our doors here at Glow In The Dark Studios in Atlanta (that's GITDark for those of you in the know). My boss, Matt, is a great guy. He brought me here and gave me a cool new name - Skrateboard (so much better than Peaches - LAME). I needed a cool new name because Matt only brings in the coolest bands to the studio. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with a band that was exceptionally cool, a band called Third Eye Blind.

While the guys were here, we had a lot of fun. They seemed to adore me. They were always taking photos and videos. I felt like a REAL cool cat, the star in the room for once! I even had a brief moment of internet fame.

All the guys were wonderful. The drummer was fierce, made of lions. He made me aspire to be a better feline. The guy on keyboards was really sweet, although, I hear he has a thing for hairless cats and I'm not willing to shave... But the member who I adored the most was their guitarist, Kryz.

Photo Credit: Daniel Nolan

Kryz and I spent a lot of time together during the band's time here. While he was playing, I would stalk him from atop his amp, my purring perfectly in time with his riffs. When he wasn't playing, he would hold me. He stroked my fur so softly while whispering sweet nothings in my ear. Danny tried to snap a photo of Kryz and I in one of those moments, but it freaked me out. I thought it was too intimate to be shared so publicly. I tried to turn away but he caught me in transition and got a photo anyway. I look terrible. I can't believe he put that on Instagram. He didn't even get my good side!

Anyway, as always happens, the band had to leave. They had a festival gig to play and hit the road a few days ago. I knew it was coming. It's the way it always goes. But, this time... the studio just doesn't feel quite the same. I miss Kryz, his beautiful blue eyes and the way he'd say, "fook," in that charming Irish accent. I can't be certain, but I'd like to think he's thinking of me. I hope he comes back. When he does, I'll catch a moth for him - a big juicy one. A token of my love.