Be Bold

Nicole Coletta, Courtesy

What does Third Eye Blind and Stephan Jenkins inspire in you? For Meghan Moore, her love of the music inspired her to make a bold and daring move at a concert that not only got her to rails, but lead her to meeting the greatest rockstar ever and having the best concert experience of her life. Here's Meghan's experience in her own words.

- Nichole Drum

One of the most exciting days of my life was the day I met Stephan Jenkins and all of the members of Third Eye Blind. There really is no better experience in the world to me than getting to see my favorite band, Third Eye Blind, perform the songs I've kept close to my heart throughout my life. Earlier that year, I got to see them perform three days before my birthday in St. Augustine on June 7th, 2015. I had not been on top of the touring schedule after my show that year and found out just the week before that they were having a show in Charleston, SC on October 9, 2015. It was last minute and my boyfriend is not into them at all so he agreed to let me go alone since it wasn't in a strange town and I could go stay with his family that lives in Charleston afterwards.

Meghan Moore, Courtesy

I drove four hours to Charleston with so much excitement inside of me! I had a pretty decent seat for purchasing my ticket so late and I'm pretty sure that's because I bought a single ticket. I would have bought a pit ticket, but they were sold out. I found my seat but even though I was in the center, I wasn't in the pit and I couldn't get on the rails like I really wanted to....or could I? I decided to go get a ten dollar glass of red wine. I sat in my seat and drank it and started brain storming. I went and bought another drink before the show started. I was feeling a little more relaxed and happy, even energetic. The opening band started and I watched them from afar. I just couldn't come to terms with being so far away from the best spot on the planet. I decided to go get one more drink before they started because I wasn't going anywhere during the show and I was contemplating my next move to get myself closer ...shortly after that 3eb came on. They opened with “Everything Is Easy” and I'm 2 1/4 glasses of wine in - I had to get closer. I decided to sneak around the side and after thinking for maybe 20 seconds I looked around for eyes and jumped about 8 or 9 feet down into the pit and NO ONE SAW ME! I easily ran up to the front row center directly in front of Stephan where I was welcomed right in by some really awesome people to enjoy the show. Everyone up front was having a great time and I met 2 misfits, a couple, Michele and David, and I met another couple and another girl who was a huge fan and had met the band several times before.

Not too long after my journey into the pit did one of the security guys notice that I didn't have the wrist band for the pit and he pointed at his wrist with a "where's yours?" kind of look on his face. I told him I didn't have one and please don't make me leave this is my favorite band and I'm having the time of my life - he winked at me and put his finger up to his lips to say hush. He definitely noticed how much fun I was having. Before the end of the show, the girl that was also there alone asked me and the others if we wanted to meet the band after the show. We were wondering how she was going to pull this off but of course I said “HELL YEAH.” She had met them this same way before. Then they performed "I Want You." I was so surprised, but so happy to hear that song. They ended the show with an encore, performing "Something In You" and "Semi-Charmed Life.” After the show, we followed the girl who asked us if we wanted to meet them around the back of the venue near their tour bus. I believe we saw Kopp first and she called him over and one by one everyone came up to talk with us and to sign autographs and chat with us for a little while. Everyone, that is, except Stephan. We finally asked if he could come out and say hi and a few minutes later Stephan came out and came right over, all fresh out of the shower. I couldn't believe that I was meeting my favorite rock star. I was a little tipsy, not very nervous at all and as soon as he stood right in front of me the first thing that blurted out of my mouth was, "Can I have a hug?" and he said yes and gave me a big hug. I told him how much I appreciate his music and how his lyrics and the music have touched me and been so special to me throughout my life, something along those lines. There was a chain link fence between us but I got a picture with him and he autographed my ticket envelope because I could not find my stub. I wish now I had gotten a group picture with all of the guys but the Summer God's Tour is coming up and I'm ready to celebrate my birthday weekend with Third Eye Blind and the 20th anniversary of the Self Titled album. They were all so real and so normal and so nice. I've always wanted to meet my favorite band and I finally got to do so and I felt a huge rush after that moment that night.

Meghan Moore, Courtesty

I've been to many many concerts over the years and this one that I decided to go to alone was hands down the best show I've ever been to. I met some really awesome people that I may not have connected with the same way if I had gone to the show with others instead of alone. It truly was one of the very best days of my life, the day I got to meet Stephan Jenkins and all of the guys from Third Eye Blind. The experience was everything I hoped it would be.