Best Third Eye Blind Moments in 2016: ten. COP vs Phone Girl

 Photo Credit: Ashley Hataway

Photo Credit: Ashley Hataway

Third Eye Blind has always kept it real on the music scene.  This year, the band has left an imprint on many hearts, many new articles, many channels on television, one of which was the release of this particular song, Cop vs. Phone Girl.

The incident occured in 2015, when an African-American student was grabbed by the neck by a campus police officer in a classroom at South Carolina’s Spring Valley High.  This officer was also coaching the school football team’s defensive line and was the team’s strength and conditioning coach.

Frontman, Stephan Jenkins, from Third Eye Blind, wrote this song, and made it very clear that this song is very close to his heart. The lyrics of this song describe exactly what happened that day to this girl in that classroom. (see video below)

We, (the people) will forever be touched by this incident, and grateful to Stephan and Third Eye Blind for making a masterpiece that will go in the books for 2016 and live on.

Parental Discretion is Advised.