What is a Buffalo: Can the mane be tamed?

Carly Cristello, Courtesy

Curly or straight, there is something special about a man with long, flowing hair. Like the covers of so many romance novels, there is just something about it that “grabs” the imagination. Add that to some some sick rock moves on stage, and the result is nothing less than magical. Alex LeCavalier is surely a shining example of this phenomena. Fortunately, he doesn’t need to worry about the dangers of highly flammable hairspray unlike his predecessors of the eighties. In this era, the more natural look is more widely accepted.

Alex LeCavalier, Courtesy

Like most of his fans, I love seeing his curly locks bouncing all over during a show. The effects of this movement in pictures makes for some intriguing photography. So imagine my surprise when he recently tweeted a picture of his long hair....straightened! Shocking, right? Women are notorious for getting bored with their hair and trying new things, but it was a refreshing change to see a man do the same. Kudos to Alex for not just taking a risk, but also for sharing with us, his fans. His hair, like his bass-playing talent can do no wrong. For me, only the buffalo gets a pass for rocking the notorious man-bun.

Alex LeCavalier, Courtesy

P.S. My fingers are also crossed that his curls come back.