It's a blessing in disguise. A Merry Third Eye Blind Christmas.

Lyric of the Day : Rejoice, evermore. 

“Dao of St. Paul”, Ursa Major, Third Eye Blind.

In an Interview on the blog, Third Eye Blind’s Stephan Jenkins On Songwriting and Why Lyrics Matter, Stephan was asked about his song writing process.  Here is some advice from the magic man.

“Some songs were really easy, and those can be my best songs, but other ones were labored and took a really, really long time, and those were also some of my best songs. I don’t think that that’s necessarily a measuring stick. What I do think is, and what I’d say to songwriters, is that I do find that very often, that first impulse you have for the song is probably going to be the best. When you think you’re editing it, really what you’re engaging in is self-recrimination, which is not conducive to creativity.”