Best Third Eye Blind Moments 2016: 8. The Dazzleships.

Sometimes the greatest mysteries hide right before your eyes.

The saying goes “IF YOU CAN’T DAZZLE THEM WITH BRILLIANCE BAFFLE THEM WITH BULL SHIT,” coming in at number eight on the Best Third Eye Blind moments of 2016 is “The Dazzleships!” 

According to Emma Silvers, music editor at KQED Arts:

Third Eye Blind, the San Francisco pop-rock band who in 1997 became famous for the song “Semi-Charmed Life” (otherwise known as the song with the chorus that goes doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo)… spent the past week crafting an internet presence for a fake British band called The Dazzleships, playing David Bowie covers, which according to tipsters is a thing that will be happening at The Chapel tonight, Friday, Feb. 5, at 9 pm.


Third Eye Blind thought they fooled everyone, creating alter-ego Twitter accounts for the Band TheDazzleships with a slogan that reads “nasty lil kunts from somewhere in the UK” and follows Kanye West.  

Tweets with the OfficialVicBigley, LEAD BASSIST FOR THE @THEDAZZLESHIPS, who writes in all caps and rocks this slogan, “SLAG OFF YOU KNOBS”along side a mug shot, profile photo. 

Any fan can recognize that hair a mile away to be that of Alex LeCavalier, or as Stephan refers to him, LeCav.  The fans quickly caught on, immediately booked hotel reservations and flights to SFO.

What a night it was, The event took place at  The Chapel, right in the heart of the Mission District.  The secret show was an epic adventure.  One fan reports, that the highlight of the night was when LeCav pulled a banana out of his skin tight pants, and taking a BITE OUT OF IT, and throwing it into the crowd. 

We, (the people) have this night etched in our hearts and take this in as a moment to remember in Third Eye Blind music history.  With a set list that included, Alright  Caroline, Scattered and songs from the latest ep, We Are Drugs, this intimate night still remains one of most talked-about shows of 2016.


Like a week before the show- the boys made fake Twitter personas and started tweeting nonsense about this show. A few subtle hints and well placed likes later- and a few hardcore fans booked tickets and hotel rooms (in SF, on the same weekend the Super Bowl was being played there) maybe two hours before the show 3eb announced that they were playing an undercover show in the heart of the mission. It was sold out within minutes. Such a magic night. - a fan

The account for The Dazzleships is still active on twitter, so keep an eye for those guys, they are a hard act to find.

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