Don’t Take the Shortcut.

Lyric of the Day: I shame the devil ‘cause I throw it down so hard.

“Camouflage”, Blue, Third Eye Blind.

At the San Francisco Music Tech Summit in 2009, Stephan Jenkins spoke to a group of aspiring musicians about the forces of the music industry.  

The forces of the music industry always want to emulate the edges of the identity in all kinds of ways and as soon as you do that you are fucked.  You are just done.  And our band is one of those bands that had the edges taken off to the point we didn’t recognize ourselves.

“Don’t take the shortcut.  It won’t be a shortcut. It will cut you down.”

If you maintain what you are about, if you sit quietly on your bed and you hold on to the things that move you, and you keep that and you keep that authentic sense that made this, that gave you this urge to make music, then you will be eligible to travel to other people.    

If you keep it small and precious, you are in a great time right now but if you back off and back down from your sense and you don’t keep your sense and if you don’t keep yourself primarily engaged in the core feeling that you have, and you continue to develop it you will be diminished and you will fail.

Stephan did not let the forces of negativity, or anything for that matter, keep him from creating and being his true self.