A Fairytale with Third Eye Blind

Lyric of the Day: On a cold Christmas Eve You promised me Broadway was waiting for me 

“Fairytale Of New York”, Third Eye Blind - Pogues Cover

In the article written in the Columbus Underground, “A Conversation With Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind” Stephan was asked about the benefits of being independent and free from the confines of a record company.

We (the people) find this appropriate to share today, on Christmas eve. Stephan is 100% on point when he says that Third Eye Blind has what nobody else has- An audience- and its really large and its really intense and people do pay attention to that.  

That is better than Broadway!  Merry Christmas to Stephan, Brad, Kryz, Alex, and LeCav.  May You have a blessed holiday season. 

CU: You and the band started out with a label, but you’ve since gone independent. And you’ve been vocal about that being a deliberate choice. Does the benefit of being free from the confines of a record company outweigh the risks and stress of doing everything yourself?

SJ: To get a radio station to play your song…to get a big artist from a big label to play (the radio station’s) Christmas show, for example, then (the label is) going to say ‘well, we want to put this other band in rotation and get their song going’. So, that happens all the time. None of that happens for us. So, we don’t have any pull and we don’t have any power. But what we have that nobody else has is we have an audience – and it’s really large and it’s really intense. And, you know we played Bonnaroo recently and we have one of the biggest audiences, according to the powers that be, of anybody there. It was huge. I think it was, like, the third biggest of the weekend. It just really blew our minds. People pay attention to that.”