I'm Pretty Fookin' Irish

Kryz Reid, Instagram

Oh, Kryz. 

The band’s gorgeous and quirky lead guitarist from Dublin. I don’t know where SJ and Brad found him, but I’m sure glad they did. I’ve had the chance to hang out with Kryz a couple times and instantly fell in love with his laid back attitude, kind eyes, and fun sense of humor.

Our first run-in was outside after a show in Nashville in Fall 2015. He was taking pictures with a few of us and a definitely-on-drugs misfit (whom I shall not name) came out of nowhere and leapt into his arms “hold me like a baby” style. His beer was knocked and most of it spilled onto him and some onto me and other fans. I hadn’t gotten my photo yet, so my first selfish thought was, “Oh no, he’s going to leave after that.”

Well, he was certainly irritated, as anyone would be, but he handled it with grace. He got her out of his arms as quickly and respectfully as possible—and took pictures with anyone else waiting. Here’s my favorite from that night—notice the mostly empty solo cup:

Jacki Flynn, Courtesy

The second time I met Kryz was in Athens, GA in Spring 2016. We were drinking a bit after the show, and all of the guys were super-rad and friendly. I was talking with Kryz at some point and stupidly bragged about how I’m Irish … and that my name hails from “O’Flynn”. Clearly the beer was talking. As soon as I said it, I looked at him wide-eyes and said, “Oh, but not as Irish as you of course!”

His response: “Yeah, I’m pretty fookin’ Irish.”

Many thanks to Jacki Flynn for sending in her Kryz story this week!

Jacki Flynn, Courtesy. With misfit, Georgia, in Athens pre-show