Like Old Friends

Emily had been waiting awhile for the opportunity to meet Kryz. She finally got it and it sounds like another lovely encounter. Thank you for sharing your story, Emily, I'm so glad that mission is accomplished!

One of my favorite things about the beginning of a show is the way Kryz walks across the stage. It always makes me smile. His demeanor is so adorable, and my friend and I had made it our goal to meet him Saturday night.

Courtesy: Emily Rose Fletcher

The lights went down, the guys took their places, with their silhouettes standing out against the lights behind them…. I got my usual chills… the feeling I get when this band takes the stage is indescribable. Every concert is exciting, beautiful, and feels like the first time. We were LIVING in this show. Despite a couple of hiccups in the sound booth and the crowd, the guys were their usual, spectacular selves.

Courtesy, Emily Rose Fletcher

After the show, I saw on Twitter where the guys were going to come out, and we luckily happened to already be right there! In just a few minutes, Brad, Alex, Alex, and Kryz walked out. They are all so sweet and charming and really seem to enjoy their fans. My friend and I had made shirts with pictures of the whole band on them (just a simple iron on, but it turned out pretty cute) and it was such a great feeling when they noticed. My friend and I made a beeline for Kryz and he greeted us like old friends even though we have never met before.

I told him I admire his skills (he’s so damn good) and how excited we were to finally meet him. His accent was just as adorable as I had read it was. We talked about The Today Show and how “fooking early” they had to be there, and how he wasn’t too familiar with the American celebrities but everyone was so nice to him when he was there. I told him that we would see them next weekend, and that my son would be going to his second show. For his seventh birthday, 3eb played at Schofield Army Base in Hawaii on 4th of July and since my son’s bday is the 5th, we had his party there. He still talks about sharing his bday with America and Third Eye Blind… he will be eleven this year. Kryz told us that he is so excited about playing in Dublin because his eight year old niece will get to see what her Uncle Kryz does. His eyes lit up when he talked about her and it was the sweetest thing ever. We asked for pictures and said we would let him go shower and get a drink. Hopefully next weekend I will get to talk to the other guys a bit more… but for now, we met Kryz and he was a doll.

Mission accomplished!