Best Third Eye Blind Moments 2016: six. Make Room for Third Eye Blind

 Photo Credit: Ashley Hataway

Photo Credit: Ashley Hataway

When you make room for affordable housing, you make room for the extraordinary potential of the people who live there. - Stephan Jenkins

Stephan Jenkins, lead singer and guitarist for Third Eye Blind, performed a rent party for Karl, Courtney and Aubrey, a family struggling to afford rent payments in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Stephan shares a very personal side of his life, making this number six on our top ten countdown of the Best Third Eye Blind moments of 2016.

When an artist like Stephan, decides to get personal about his own struggles, this helps to break the mindset of individuals who think they can never fulfill their life purpose because or their current struggle.  

We tend to forget, where people come from, and this campaign reminds us and gives hope.  

I had to spend so much time just to get rent that it was really at the point where it wasn’t going to happen for me. 

Stephan also shares, that a large part of his upbringing was in a house like theirs and how he would have to perform at apartments in order to make his own rent in San Francisco.

This is what I call a full circle.  It’s a trip to know that your struggles of the past would somehow inspire others in their own struggles in present times.  This music icon reveals that he was evicted, not just once, but five times, and had the sheriffs knocking on their door twice. That is some stuff most people would be ashamed and afraid to share, but in this very moment that declaration brings Stephan more power and new levels of living and wisdom. 

Thank you Stephan. Thank you for being transparent and see this through. You continue to bring many into the light with these stories.

We (the people) have included the campaign for this family, and it seems as if they didn’t make the entire asked amount. So if its on anyones heart to donate, I am sure Make Room would be grateful as well as the family.  (campaign)