Best Third Eye Blind Moments 2016: one. Ocean Therapy.

Photo By: Ashley Hataway

Surfing is foundational to my life. Still it doesn’t feel complete until I share it with others,” JENKINS said. “Sharing it with service members who have carried their trauma home and seeing what it does for them completes it for me. There is no place I would have rather spent my birthday.
— Stephan Jenkins

You can find most people in the club, with a bottle full of bub, but for Stephan Jenkins, he decided to share his birthday surfing with wounded, ill, injured MARINES (WOUNDED WARRIOR BATTALION).  This comes in as number 1 in the best Third Eye Blind moments of 2016.  

JENKINS donated time this week to the JIMMY MILLER FOUNDATION at CAMP PENDLETON in SAN DIEGO, where a number of wounded, ill or injured MARINES attached to the WOUNDED WARRIOR BATTALION were hosted. For each “Ocean Therapy” session, there is a discussion about a theme related to trauma and recovery and how it relates to the ocean. After the discussion there is a 90-minute surf session followed by a closing circle. JENKINS spent the morning teaching MARINES how to surf, and in essence sharing his love for a sport that has provided him with so much personal joy over the years.  (read more)

Stephan has done many random acts of kindness, and also remains down to earth, low key and reachable to his fans. We (the people) have noticed these acts of love that Stephan has done to help humanity this year especially.

We want to wish Stephan, Brad, Kryz, Alex, LeCav and the rest of the 3EB family a very healthy and peaceful 2017.  The Countdown could keep going, because there is so much more that could be highlighted. We know that you all will walk into the new year strong, rested and ready to conquer 2017.

These Are the Glory Days. Right Here. Right Now. Happy 2017.