A Tribute to Drummer, Brad Hargreaves: ROAR.

 Photo: shinedrums.com  Art Work By Ericca Smith

Photo:shinedrums.com Art Work By Ericca Smith

While many love Third Eye Blind for the lyrics, and I do, lyrics are my probably my clearest form of communication and one of the true ways to express myself.

 August 28 2015. Ohio University Show. Post Dopamine Fall Kickoff.

August 28 2015. Ohio University Show. Post Dopamine Fall Kickoff.

I live for the beat. Watching Just Brad “get it” is why I want the rails and why I travel to the smaller venues. Smaller stages means Brad is closer! I love the energy of the eye contact from the Alexes', making Kryz smile every show and of course when SJ reaches for your hand.

But for me, it’s being able to keep the beat with my all-time favorite drummer. That’s why I wait hours for the rails. And position myself so I can watch him. My favorite part of the Dopamine tour was the drum solo and it’s probably my most-watched on my tour video archive.

I could go on and on and on about all the reasons to “Hug a Drummer,” but my favorite reason to hug my favorite drummer is that he’ll call me by my last name like I’m one of the gang and make the same stupid hand gestures back at me that I make at him when he’s on the stage.

(And I do, until he blushes and laughs) My ringtone has been the Persephone remix “Did I Hear You Scream” since he sent it to me a couple months after this picture was taken, and I often get strangers asking me what that song is when my phone rings. Telling me they love the sound. And I talk up the band and Just Brad.

Stephan is not lying when he says Brad is made of lions. I love to hear him roar.