Have You Ever Spent A Saturday with Stephan Jenkins? Well, You're ABOUT TO.

 Photo: "Childsphoto":  Third Eye Blind  - Art: 3EB Expert  Ericca Smith

Photo: "Childsphoto": Third Eye Blind - Art: 3EB Expert Ericca Smith

One of the great highlights of any Third Eye Blind experience is getting to meet and show our love for the band. Each Saturday we want to celebrate and show our appreciation for Stephan Jenkins by sharing photos and memories of meeting him.

This week, 3EB Expert Courtnee Cogdill shares two of her more memorable moments with Stephan Jenkins.

3EB Expert: Courtney Cogdill

The top left picture is the second time I met Third Eye Blind.  It was my first concert where the rails were my goal, so we waited outside for 8 hours before the concert. After the concert (and after security assured me that they weren't coming out because you have to pay for meet and greets, per security,) a group of four of us waited. Alex Kopp walked over and was chatting with us, and asked to bum a cigarette.  He wasn't even two drags into it when Stephan and Collin started approaching, and Kopp threw it out like his dad had just caught him smoking.

Stephan didn't talk much. He told us that he had people waiting for him (at the afterparty,) but that he still wanted to come say hi. So he offered to take pictures with us, and motioned for me to hand Collin my phone. I snuggled up next to him, hoping I could snag a photo with me kissing his neck. Instead Collin goes, "DON'T KISS HIM!!" and that's why I'm grinning like a dummy!!

I think the top right is the only other occasion worth mentioning. It's from the 2015 Lawrence, KS show where I met up with a bunch of other fans, including Nicole, Kimberly, Tatiana and Olivia.  I always say I'm going to have these amazing, bold conversations with him and then when he walks up, I just kind of forget everything.  That whole night is kind of a blur, too. I remember the dude directly to my right getting punked because he tried getting SJ to sign a bunch of pictures that weren't even of him!!  SJ then turned his attention to us, writing out a lyric for Kimberly and having a deep moment with Nicole.  And then it was my turn so of course my classic, "I feel like I should pet you right now," line happened to which he responded, "Please don't."

It's such a good memory. It was such a great night!!

Edited By: Tatiana Asnaran