Saturdays with Stephan: RESIST, 9-11

This week saw the kick off to the Summer God's tour. It also comes on the heels of terror attacks in England that remind us all of just how fragile life and the world is. For many, the memories of September 11, 2001 remain strong and negative, but as Rudy Vasquez shares this week, there are also memories from that awful day that empowers. This week, we look back at a time when Stephan refused to let the terrorists stop the music. This week, we look back and resist.

Courtesy: Rudy Vasquez

"This picture was taken by a girl I had met and was hanging out with at this Third Eye Blind concert at the Tulare County Fair in 2001. During the show, I put her on my shoulders and asked her to get some good pics for me," Rudy recalls. "She snapped this killer shot and a couple others! It's a wonderful memory, because it was a show that was supposed to be cancelled due to the September 11th terrorist attacks."

But leave it to a legend to refuse to let hate stop the music.

"Stephan got to the local news station and decided the show will go on and that if they cancelled it, the terrorists would have won. This show was one day after the terrorist attacks...September 12th, 2001," says Rudy.

But just resisting wasn't enough. Stephan put money where his song was.

"Another super cool thing the band did was donate all the money from the show to charity, and even offered refunds back to anyone who wanted one. They made it a free show, and just asked if anyone could donate canned goods to help out. Such a wonderful memory watching one of my favorite bands! Thank you, Third Eye Blind!"

Thank you, Stephan, for showing us how to resist. Bring on Summer Gods!