Best Third Eye Blind Moments 2016: two. SEMI-CHARMED LIFESAVERS.

 Photo By Ashley Hataway

Photo By Ashley Hataway

They weren’t swimming anymore. One of them said, ‘I need help,’ so we paddled over and we told them to rest on our boards, We said, ‘You’re okay. We’re in a rip and we’re going to swim around it.
— Stephan Jenkins

Coming in on number two on the top ten moments of 2016 for Third Eye Blind is this ocean rescue.

Stephan Jenkins on Rescuing Four Teens Caught in a Riptide

A fun surfing trip took a harrowing turn for Third Eye Blind’s Stephan Jenkins and Brad Hargreaves when they noticed four teens caught in a riptide off the Carolina Coast

It could have been a day that parents would have received the worst news about their sons drowning in a riptide, and instead here comes Third Eye Blind to turn that all around.  

This year has been full of blessings in disguise. This will be forever remembered in 3EB history and for those teens and their families.

We (the people) would like to personally thank Stephan, Brad and the rest of the band for being there at the right place at the right time, sober and vigilant, “talking back to the ocean”.  

Jenkins tells PEOPLE exclusively about last Wednesday’s scary situation. “We try to pick places where there’s a surf break. It was really rip-ey, and we saw this group of kids and thought it was odd they were that far out.”

After realizing the teens were “kind of quiet” and “weren’t flailing around,” Jenkins and Hargreaves jumped into action.

Because the bandmates are “both water men,” they were able to stay calm and prevent any tragedies. “As soon as they got on the board, it was actually hard to get them wrangled on there, but a couple kids were really done, so we put them on our board and just pushed them in to shore,” says Jenkins.

It also wasn’t until after the musicians hopped back into the water for a surfing session and the teens approached their tour manager that they realized their actions saved four lives. “At the time, we were kind of like, ‘People need to know how to deal with rips,’ and then we realized the difference between that being just … a little event and a tragedy was kind of close.”

 Photos that Danny Nolan took

Photos that Danny Nolan took

Adds Jenkins: “It’s afterwards that Brad and I, we’re both the type of people when someone says ‘Good job,’ you kind of deflect it, but later on we were like ‘Okay, that’s actually nice. That felt good."

Photos were featured by TMZ.