Stephan Jenkins on Songwriting with Third Eye Blind

Video Credit: CPT

ASW: What is your songwriting process like?

SJ: Well, my process is changing.  I’ve had a pretty self-suppressing process, but I’m going to change it into being much more open and much more like, “Ok, let’s go ahead and do it.  Let’s go ahead and do the song.”  In the past, I would write down a lot of ideas.  I journal lyrics a lot.

ASW: Do you journal lyrics in stanzas, like in song form, or do you do more of a stream-of-consciousness?

SJ: More stream-of-consciousness, but always kind of emotional.  What I’m looking to do is to get into that state where I’m just kind of writing down what’s happening, like I’m hearing my song on the radio in my head.

ASW: Do you write melodies or lyrics first?

SJ: The real short answer to that question is that I don’t really have a process.  I wish I did.  It kind of happens all over the place.  I could get struck with something from a melody or some rhythmic thing can happen.  I’m a drummer by trade, or by training.  I’m very rhythmically inclined.  There could be a lyric idea that gets me going and I’ll pick up a guitar – I usually write on the guitar.  Or I’ll have some melody and I’ll start kind of blathering.  You should never feel ashamed to blather when you know what the song is about, but you just don’t know what the words are to make that song happen yet. It will piece itself out.  There all kinds of different routes I go towards trying to make something cohesive, something to evoke some state. Read Full Article 

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