The Angels In The Pit

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"The angel in the pit with her hands in the air". 

Here's what I discovered about the pit:

The pit to me is everything. You cannot underestimate the power of the pit.

There's nothing like being that close to your favorite band and your favorite singer standing next to loud PAsS and not to mention the crowd surrounding you. 

The experts own the pit. That's because they know what the experience is like from the pit.

Ericca Smith Getting absolutely soaked in Napa, CA with Amanda Olson Birlew

Everyone is packed close together body heat is everywhere . Your not gonna be cold in the pit that's for sure. 

Ericca Smith Getting absolutely soaked

Then add on hearing the crowd singing too. Not just karaoke singing but emotionally connected singing. A kind of singing that comes from the soul and heart. Thats something so deep and powerful it's untouchable! 

It's like Stephan says in the show. We are all in this thing together!
No one just watches or listens to the concert they are apart of it. Each and everyone of us. 

Alexis Michelle Rollins "You're an angel in the pit with her hands in the air and we're missing you" Renee VanDyke

Amanda Olson Birlew One of the first official photos of me and my boo, Alexis

  Olivia Palmieri  Years ago at a random show. Love it. The oldies but goodies

Olivia Palmieri Years ago at a random show. Love it. The oldies but goodies

Energy from the pit is like nothing you've ever experienced. To be surrounded by such energy is very powerful not only do you hear the music you feel it too.  

The friends I've made just from being in the pit together can not be replaced.  They too have the same love and passion for Third Eye Blind. That's a bold and great bond. 

 Kendra McWilliams

Kendra McWilliams

Can't wait to see you! We've been missing you!!