Best Third Eye Blind Moments 2016: three. Trolling.

 Photo Credit: Ashley Hataway  

Photo Credit: Ashley Hataway  

We did not play the RNC. And I trolled the fuck out of them and I will continue to troll them for the next four years as hard as I can. Join Me.
— Stephan Jenkins
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We (the people) join Stephan in bringing this moment in as number three on the best moments of 2016.

Stephan’s words echoed, “You can boo all you want but I’m the motherfucking artist up here!”. The crowd fell silent then all at once blazed up again, waves of boos, cheers, shouts, and jeers.  It was then announced that Jumper, the song about the poor gay kid, bullied to suicide, was next on the list. As the gold flowed from The Magic Man’s mouth, the message had been sent.

The RNC invited Stephan and the Gang to perform, as if they’d go and quietly usher themselves forth through the unsettling crowd. Instead, Jenkins announced that he was not performing for the RNC.  He was there solely for the fundraiser that supported artists visiting bedridden hospital patients.  Some were angry, claiming that he is an artist and should “shut up and sing then leave”.   But alas, we have this silly little thing in our country called freedom of speech, and our man Stephan exercised it.  Awesomely, true, die-hard fans encouraged him and defended him on social media where his voice was plastered on every major news outlet! He was heard that day, alongside all our brothers and sisters.

RAISE YOUR HANDS IF YOU BELIEVE IN SCIENCE. Will live on in Third Eye Blind History!

Written By: Tyler Keefer