Best Third Eye Blind Moments 2016: seven. Third Eye Blind announce We Are Drugs

 Photo Credit: Ashley Hataway

Photo Credit: Ashley Hataway

Do you remember what you were doing when you heard the news that Third Eye Blind would be releasing a new EP? And those emotions that were running throughout your entire body.  As a fan for over 19 years, I recall that moment.   It was one of pure joy and it meant a new boldness in my walk with Third Eye Blind.  

After hearing Stephan mention that there would be no album after Dopamine, I was covered with disappointment, so hearing this news, was a day that goes down in the book of life.

We Are Drugs for many of us, gave us faith and hope that the legacy of Third Eye Blind would not just end with Dopamine and that it would in fact continue many albums later.

We (the people) bring in Lucky Number Seven, The announcement of We Are Drugs to be one of the Best Third Eye Blind Moments in 2016.  We are inspired by Stephan and Brad for staying together all these years and grateful that Kryz, Alex and LeCav joined the band.  

We would also like to shout out the people over at Sonic who accommodated the band while they created a masterpiece.  Thank You.

We are inspired daily by this play list. And know that with all the 7′s aligned it could only mean one thing.  WE ARE DRUGS.

We Are Drugs was released Oct. 7, 2016 online. And this amazing Vinyl is available at the Third Eye Blind Website (click here)

“The setting allowed us the focus to take songs sometimes all the way from inception to completion in continuous sessions,” frontman Stephan Jenkins said via statement of the creative process behind the album. “We also allowed ourselves freedom on We Are Drugs from any definitions or guidelines of what we were supposed to be. We just took joy in getting in a big room together and letting music happen and then chasing it around wherever it led us. It is one of the most freeing recording experiences I have had.” Article: Entertainment Weekly

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