Weightless. In Memory of George Michael.

Lyric of the Day: What do I do with this freedom.

“Weightless”, We Are Drugs, Third Eye Blind.

This Christmas, we lost a legend.  George Michael dies at the young age of 53.  Third Eye Blind’s front man, Stephan Jenkins sent out a tweet referencing Freedom 90 and and love for George Michael.


A closer look at George Michael’s Freedom 90, brings a deeper understanding of the pressures of being in the music industry.  George Michael will be remember as a great songwriter and a music icon.  

Stephan Jenkins, who just finished touring and paying tribute to David Bowie, is getting ready for the 20th Anniversary celebration of Self Titled album, “Third eye Blind”.  Perhaps, he will get inspired to put “Freedom 90″ in his set list as a tribute to George Michael.

“I still believe that music is one of the greatest gifts God gave to man”  George Michael once said.  Lucky for us he left plenty of it (CNN New York)

Andrew Bleakley, a member of 3EB Lifestyle was inspired to write this piece today in memory of the legends we lost this year.