Weightless Into The New Year.

 Photo By: Ericca Smith

Photo By: Ericca Smith

There are people who truly live the Third Eye Blind Lifestyle, and if you were in the room with one of them, you would know, because they do sparkle.

Since, We Are Drugs, the EP that was released on October 7, 2016, the social media waves have been penetrated with Third Eye Blind, to the tenth power. I sat closely and watched all of this from my MacBook, in my home in the City of Angels.  What a discovery, and just as Christopher Columbus might have felt the day he discovered America, is the same way I felt upon discovering this world. A 3EB World.

A world of people who live by the words that Stephan Jenkins magically speaks at concerts.  

True Faces, No Hatred, No Fear. No Division.  A Place of Right Here, Right Now.

Here is to the last days 2016, a Toast to We Are Drugs and for a Weightless New Year.