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Thank you for being a part of 3ebLifestyle.  Here you can find all that you need to begin enjoying the journey. We will keep adding to this. As the questions arise, and as we grow. 

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If you are reading this you have successfully registered for a Log In that will give you access to all the areas of this site that require a password. Please be sure to register with your lifestyle gmail. Bookmark Login Page



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Please accept the email invitation that was sent to you so that we can begin to create your profile within in the blog. Please log in using your lifestyle gmail, and complete profile within squarespace. 



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We ask that everyone joins the Lifestyle Forum where we will post from time to time. Post here under the topic or section that best describes your post. Notifications to this forum are recommended




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From time to time we will have contests. We are currently running a contest for all lifestyle experts that will not be attending the Amoeba Event. We will announce 3 winners on March 14. for a signed Vinyl.  


Song Study

Song of the Day

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Here is a list of all the songs we are covering within the 90 day challenge. We are focusing on one song per day. Please feel free to submit via facebook or email any song facts that you might have to contribute 



Next Step 

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After completing your first lyric assignment, a new track will be selected from your song selection "soundtrack to our life" Please RSVP so that editorial is able to forecast  the articles.                                    



Expert of the week

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All experts are asked to sign up to be featured as expert of the week on a Friday. Please access the questions, and secure your spot. Here are the questions. We will be updating this soon.




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Please visit this section, to submit lyrics that you can relate to with specific instances in your life. There is no limit on how many you can submit. This will help create scenes within an episode. 


Checkpoint Charlie



Please complete this section so that I can begin to work with you on a one to one basis. The information in this section will help with characters, plot, episode, storyline. This will be read only by Liseli.



Editorial Calender

articles Slated

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Calendar of slated stories can be viewed here.





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Anyone with an upcoming piece due should begin using this calendar to schedule your chosen due dates. It's a simple submission form and will help not only with keeping on task and informed about releases but also aid in creating the newsletter each month.


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How it works

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