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The excerpt should be two sentences separated with a full space. The sentences should be long enough to take up two lines each. The excerpt should introduce the reader to the blog post and entice them to read on.

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Live Through Lyrics: A 3eb Ink Journey

I could never honestly thank them enough for everything their music has done for me, but permanently marking my body with their words sure does seem like a good place to start. It’s not just about their music pulling me out of tough times, but it’s also about how their music makes me feel alive. Editorial: Brittney Chamberlain & Kara

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Wake For Young Souls

Ursa Major “Wake For Young Souls” This world tends to place labels on people, and I was dead set against ever being known as the “10 Days Late” girl, let alone a widow and a victim of suicide.  But I was... The world was preparing me for something greater, though. 

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