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Deana Carpenter’s Moonwalk

Something clicked for me during the summer of 2015 when I attended my second-ever Third Eye Blind concert.

I think it was when Stephan made the crowd turn around and greet someone we’d never met, or maybe it was when he said there were “no spectators” at 3EB shows.

In any event, that year I went from casual fan to seeing the band seven times in four states within the span of six months. Oh, and I also got my first tattoo - 3EB inspired, of course. For some reason, I wanted to hold on to that feeling of alive-ness from that show.

Anyone who has seen 3EB live knows what I mean. Shortly after that June 2015 show in Pittsburgh, I purchased Dopamine (and also Out of the Vein and Ursa Major - yes I admit I hadn’t kept up with the band up to that point - shame on me - but I’m making up for lost time now!).

Listening to Ursa, which if I had to choose, is my favorite 3EB album, a lyric in “Bonfire” stuck out to me. “I am high like a star that’s flying, Cassiopeia.” That constellation in the night sky holds a special place in my heart.


Growing up, my mom and I would go on “moon walks.” No, not the Michael Jackson kind. We would go to a local state park and walk the trails at night looking at the moon and the stars. Mom was always searching for Cassiopeia, which like any constellation, depending on the season and time of night, changes position in the sky, so sometimes it was tricky to find. My mom and I are still super close and little memories like that mean so much to me. Combine that with a lyric to a band that also means so much to me, and boom - the idea for a tattoo was born.

Courtesy: Deana Carpenter

For me, the lyric encapsulates that “high” feeling one can get at a 3EB show (and no, I’m not talking about something you smoke), as well as a special memory from my childhood. That October, eight days before I drove to New Jersey to see the band, I got my tattoo. I pretty much designed it myself. It’s literally just five stars, but I love it. I had my artist make the brightest, biggest star, blue. Blue is my favorite color and also another 3EB reference. I had her make the blue star close to the color of the album. I had it placed on the back of my left shoulder, because since it was my first-ever tattoo, I wanted it in an inconspicuous place. A half hour later, I was inked. My tattoo is comforting to me. It is as though it was always supposed to be there, as weird as that may sound. In a way, the band is always with me and so are the memories of “moon walking” with my mom.