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A Special Request: "Why Can't You Be?"

So this is the moment I knew Ericca Smith and I became best friends.

Courtesy: Nicole Coletta

Courtesy: Nicole Coletta

Back Story: The guys were in London for a show, and I was going to see them in Providence that week and I tweeted at Stephan and asked him to play "Why Can't You Be?"  It's a song near and dear to my heart after my last break up, and I need to hear it all day. He told me he'd play it via Twitter.  That night he played it in London, not in Providence. Thats on me for requesting a song for a later show, when they had a show that night. He never played it in Providence, and I hadn't seen the play list for London, so I had no idea this happened.  

So I'm sitting at a bar with Ericca in Charlotte, and we're drinking "Motorcycle Drive By drinks" and some how this situation gets brought up and Ericca eyes widen and she says, "you're not gunna believe this!!!" She pulls up this video of him playing, "Why Can't You Be?" for me in Twitter, and him talking about how I requested it! I had tears in my eyes, for many reasons! besides the 3 "Third Eye Blind Drinks" in two minutes, I was so excited!

25 August 2016 O2 Academy Islington

Twitter Request was from Nicole Coletta.